Exercises for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis exercises can do a world of good for those suffering from bone trouble. It is a disease where the bone mineral density goes down making the bones weak and highly vulnerable to fractures. Along with a healthy diet comprising of calcium and vitamin D, it is important to incorporate balanced exercise after due consultation with a personal trainer. This will help strengthen the bones to a certain extent.

How do osteoporosis exercises help?

A lot of osteoporosis patients suffer from fractures and pain after strenuous physical activity heart tonic teapa. Exercises ensure that they have better body balance and increased strength to resist falls. Preventing falls is a good way of avoiding fractures. High impact exercises which partially put the bones under pressure are also advisable, albeit with some degree of caution. There are many exercises that also help to keep the bones healthy and strong, to resist fractures.

The best osteoporosis exercises

Balanced weight training is good for those with low mineral density as it will gradually help in enhancing the strength of the bones. Weight bearing exercises strengthen bones, although there are a lot of other activities that one must indulge in on a regular basis. These include jogging and running, gymnastics, skipping and dancing, aerobics, racket sports like tennis and badminton and sports involving running like basketball and football. Walking too is beneficial although it might not be extremely effective.

Specific exercises

There are some specific osteoporosis exercises that one can practice to avoid osteoporosis or to treat it. It is a good idea to perform them under the guidance of a personal trainer if you are just starting out. The exercises include squats, lunges, side bends and side leg raise. Squats can help in strengthening hamstrings and quadriceps while lunges can strengthen glutes and hamstrings. Side bends are a way of working on your oblique while side leg raise is a way of working on the thigh and core muscles. Stretching legs, arms and spine calf muscles is also advisable. Practicing yoga and various body postures is another way of strengthening specific areas of your body without causing a lot of damage to them through excessive strain.

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