Menopause progesterone and osteoporosis

What is natural progesterone?

Progesterone is a steroid hormone. It is produced by the ovaries in women and by the testes and adrenals in men (though in lower amounts). Progesterone is not a sex characteristic determining hormone (as is estrogen for female development and testosterone for male development). Progesterone is crucial to our biological balance, well-being and overall good health, as it serves to balance the effects of estrogen on the human body – among other things.

Progesterone is NOT found to exist anywhere outside the human body. It is in fact synthesized through some elegant chemistry from herbal extracts – such as those from wild yams, or soy. It is called “natural” to signify that it is the identical molecule to that produced by the human body itself, and hence treated by the human anatomy as a part of its own – and not as a foreign substance.

Can I test for my levels of progesterone and other hormones?

Yes. The most reliable and accurate method for determining your levels of Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA and other hormones is with a saliva assay test. This test method has been used extensively and nearly exclusively by The World Health Organizations (WHO) for nearly 15 years. Blood tests are inherently less accurate, often resulting in falsely low estrogen readings initiating doctors to prescribe high doses of prescription estrogenic drugs inappropriately (see saliva versus blood test article in our web-site) hondrocream cena. Saliva assay test kits are available from our company.

Why does my body fail to produce enough progesterone?

Mother Nature has not abandoned us nor made a mistake with our generation. Our foods, drugs, environmental pollutants and profit driven medical industries have brought on many of our ills. Progesterone deficiency, more specifically estrogen dominance (as Dr. Lee refers to it) is an unfortunate condition of industrialized countries. Since 1948 over 70,000 new made-made chemicals have been introduced into our environment, less than 3% have even been tested for toxicity. Menopausal problems, osteoporosis, breast cancer were issues nearly unknown to our grandparent’s generation. While a large population of women in our country suffers from severe health problems, women in non-industrialized countries do not suffer from these same problems.

Populations who consume wholesome and natural foods that are free of pesticides, growth hormones and petrochemical fertilizers are not by-in-large progesterone deficient. Dr. Lee firmly believes that western women are progesterone deficient and estrogen dominant directly due to their exposure and consumption of too many estrogenic substances commonly occurring in foods and industrial environments. Dr. Lee, Sherrill Sellman and a host of health authorities have observed that high stress levels compound these factors. Ovaries, overwhelmed by these conditions, cease to produce progesterone. Now the burden of progesterone production is shifted to an already exhausted adrenal cortex and brain. These organs are not able to sustain sufficient progesterone and critical corticosteroid levels either, furthering severe progesterone deficiencies. It is this chain-reaction which Dr. Lee suggests cause the condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What are the differences between synthetic and natural progesterone?

Synthetic progesterone (called ‘Progestins’) are drugs created and manufactured by drug companies. They are patented molecules not found in nature or our bodies. Because there are known side-effects, they are only available by prescription and require physician oversight.

Synthetic progesterone once inside your body seeks out and resides in the cells, which have progesterone receptor capabilities. Synthetic progestins like Provera, being unnatural to the body, initiate many undesirable side effects. Taking one of the strange, not-found-in-nature synthetic hormones (the ‘Pill’ and HRT) created by the drug companies is likely to confuse your body and throw it into a state of imbalance. These drugs are created not because they work better than natural hormones but rather because they can be patented, and patent drugs have much higher price tag than natural substances.

Natural progesterone is the identical molecule to that produced in the ovary, adrenals and testes of the human body. Natural progesterone supplements have no side effects.

Why are doctors so uninformed about natural progesterone?

Natural Progesterone supplementation is not taught in medical school. Therefore, when the topic of natural progesterone is discussed with conventionally trained doctors they do not fully comprehend progesterone’s functions nor realize the dangerous consequences of prescribing synthetic progesterones such as Progestins and branded drugs like Provera, Prempro and Premarin.

Dr. Lee laments those doctors to whom he speaks to about his Natural Progesterone. Researchers rarely dispute the ramifications of his work, but few are willing to consider safer alternatives to the hard-wired use of synthetic hormones. The obstacle is that what he reports has not yet been included in medical school curricula and textbooks. This hot topic is totally ignored by pharmaceutical publications upon which doctors rely upon for ongoing education.

Doctors are often over-worked and unable to read and absorb the whole story behind the research and side-effects of mainstream drugs. If natural supplements are not covered in the seminars and on-going ‘education’ provided by major pharmaceutical companies, the message is lost or worse yet discredited. In the case of natural progesterone and its synthetic patented versions, most doctors are grossly misguided. Their reference files of ‘Progesterone’ are often filled with ‘spin’ advertisements and propaganda promoting synthetic Progestins (Provera etc.) blatantly ignoring its adverse effects and alternative natural progesterone choices. Even the prestigious Harvard Medical School recently published research work confirming the cancer-causing effects of synthetic progesterones but did not use the correct terminology differentiating natural from synthetic progesterone.

What are the health benefits of natural progesterone cream?

Supplementing with natural progesterone cream brings about many healthful benefits. In a healthy, balanced young woman, progesterone is produced in the corpus luteum at the time of ovulation. Non-ovulating women are often progesterone deficient yet unaware of it because they appear to have normal menstrual cycles. Studies of young female athletes suffering from osteoporosis, have confirmed that extreme exercise had ‘turned off’ their ovulation causing severely low levels of progesterone which is a critical hormone to normal bone growth and regeneration.

Normal progesterone levels in a healthy woman are about 20-30 mg (per deci-liter of blood) per day, peaking in the second half of the menstrual cycle. Pregnant women produce 300 – 400 mg per day. Natural progesterone is critically important to a healthy developing fetus.

Progestin Plus natural progesterone cream supplements your own body’s reserve of progesterone. Applied as a skin cream, progesterone enters the body whole and fully biologically active. Unlike pills which must survive stomach, intestinal and liver metabolism, topically applied progesterone enters the skin layers of fatty tissues and slowing and evenly dispenses into the blood stream to be used as required by the body to balance and negate the toxic effects of estrogen dominance.  Medical knowledge substantiates the benefits of natural progesterone supplementation.

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