Osteoporosis Treatments – Living with Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a problem related to the bones where the mineral density of the bones goes down to a great extent making them vulnerable to fractures. It is often seen in older people and is also quite commonly observed in women after post menopause.

Ways of approaching the osteoporosis problem

You can either start to take the right steps well before the actual problem occurs. You can also do so even after you are diagnosed with this disease of the bones. Either way, you have to ensure that your diet and lifestyle is absolutely focused to avoid the problems that osteoporosis can cause.

Two things that are very important for the body are calcium and vitamin D. They can be obtained from green leafy vegetables, milk, egg, fish and fruits. Green salads are also extremely beneficial for those who might suspect bone related trouble. In the end, there is nothing like a good time for good and healthy food. It is important to take a regular intake of natural bone medicine which is nothing but the combination of calcium and vitamin D. Another important part of avoiding or trying to cure this disease is regular exercise to increase the density of your bones. However, one must be extra careful when doing bone-strengthening exercises, and should avoid unnecessary pressure on the bones.

There are different types of treatments for osteoporosis apart from maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. One of the treatments for women is estrogen replacement therapy which seems to be fairly effective against this bone related trouble. However, in recent times, this particular method has been discouraged because of studies showing the side effects that could be caused by this form of therapy. There are different types of medication as well to prevent the said disease. This includes bisphosphonate drugs. Other medications include newer drugs like teriparatide. Raloxifene and calcitonin are two other anti resorptive agents that are used in treatment of the disease. There are bone anabolic agents as well like calcium salts and sodium fluoride, the latter enhancing the bone density to an impressive degree.

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